Writing Week #1

April 2017

I know….I know its Monday and I am supposed to talk about my week on Sunday. But just like the Reading Week #1 I just wasn’t able to do that. I don’t know if people outside India know that we don’t have two-day weekends here, we just have a weekend and that’s Sunday. So that’s my excuse, any ways lets see what I was able to achieve in my first Writing Week.


Usually poems come to me with no warnings, it could be 2:30 pm in the dark of the night and I’ll suddenly get out of bed and hurriedly write down some crazy strings of words and letters that even Aristotle couldn’t find meaning in. But what those letters and words and sentences have in them is an abstract image of strong feelings evoked within my psyche after mulling over either personal or universal questions for hours. Feelings that I find more effortlessly expressed in words even though they might be gibberish to anyone who is not me; like an unfinished painting, a ‘word Picasso’. Then, most probably, the next day I spend hours after hours trying to turn those crazy strings of words in to much more intelligible strings of words structured with meter and verse or neither. But its just one of many example of how poetry comes to me. Anyways, here are all the poems I did write this week.

You won all battles

Is it the same for you

Leave me be

Magic of Spirits



Other Writings

Apart from writing the aforementioned poems I also wrote synopsis and a general outline for two new ideas I had that would be great as short stories. One of them is a family drama which I am really excited about. I have the characters, the setting and the overall story arch all set in my mind, now its just a matter of turning it into an interesting, thought provoking and impactful read (…fingers crossed…). I will do just that in the next writing week.

But now its week #3 which is my personal favourite, the Games Week. I am already feeling all tingly just from the anticipation of what games and game mechanics I come up with this week. I already have like a million ideas, lets see which one of them actually get realised into playable prototypes. I will, in all possibility, not post anything for the coming week as I tend to go all in when I am designing games. But, I will see you guys again at the end of Games Week and update you on my progress, which would be on Sunday.(…I hope I actually do post on Sunday this week but I won’t make any promises)

Until then.


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