Ground Substance Pack

Procedurally Generated Ground Substances Cobblestone Dry Ground Leaves Muddy Dirt Patchy Grass Complete texture Control Using the substance sliders provided create infinite variations of these basic substances 2K resolution textures Extremely low file size No hit to game performance *Test Scene Included with lighting,refections and HDR skybox and bonus Sci-Fi panel. Ground Substance Pack at... Continue Reading →


Modular Horror Pack

Kick start your AAA Quality Horror/Survival game level with the Modular Horror Pack With over 30 modular parts create unique rooms, hallways and interior environments. High Quality models and textures give your levels the Next-Gen feel that you want. Includes - 30+ Modular Assets Walls, roofs and pillars Bed, cabinet, paintings, radiator and modular pipe... Continue Reading →

2D Endless Runner Game Kit

2D Endless Runner Complete Game Kit is a complete 2D game project. Features Complete sample project Easy to understand scripts original sample sprites Touch input including tap and swipe down Implements the awesome new GUI introduced in unity 4.6 Extremely easy to understand for a beginner Includes Original sample sprites Basic sound effects Basic animations... Continue Reading →

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