Digital Art -Three-

I just stumbled upon this amazing software on the Mac store called 'Tayasui Sketches'. And I have been creating these pen sketches non stop. Anyways,  I thought I would share them with you. The thing I love about these is that they aren't referenced from anywhere. I just start sketching at one corner of the screen... Continue Reading →


Digital Art -Two-

  These are a collection of paintings I did when I first got 'ArtRage', which a digital painting tool that mimics real life brushes and canvases as realistically as possible and does a really great job of doing that. I know these aren't the best.  And there's definitely no theme or thought here either. I... Continue Reading →

Old Friends

The final picture dissipates then i walk away birds and bees, no notice take bats and fireflies lament For they know me by my candid craving Understand my flagellating function

Digital Art -One-

  I tried experimenting with a monochromatic minimalist art style using distinctive shapes. One of the most important and influential art styles of the 1960s, Minimalism identifies works of art most often comprised of geometric shapes in simple arrangements and lacking any decorative or dynamic flourishes. These geometric shapes characterized the elemental or “bare bones”... Continue Reading →

Reading Update #2

So this is the first time that I am posting on a Sunday like I had assumed when I worked out this new schedule. This being the first week i.e the reading week, I didn't do much of anything else other than read some of the books from my Want to Read shelf on Goodreads. But before I get into that I would like to say that the reason why I did not post anything the last week of April is because I just didn't feel like I had anything worth sharing, you know? I spent the entire week on my playstation and just generally staring into empty space. Anyways, here are the books I read this week.


In love, at peace. Is it wrong to want alone. To not miss and not be missed. To want nothing and no one more.

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