Games Week #1

Being a game designer is hard, for you have to religiously invest a bulk of your time in doing two important tasks, playing games and making them.

Writing Week #1

I know....I know its Monday and I am supposed to talk about my week on Sunday. But just like the Reading Week #1 I just wasn't able to do that. I don't know if people outside India know that we don't have two-day weekends here, we just have a weekend and that's Sunday. So that's my excuse, any ways lets see what I was able to achieve in my first Writing Week.


In love, at peace. Is it wrong to want alone. To not miss and not be missed. To want nothing and no one more.

Leave me be

You made especially evident; for none you ever bent. Henceforth I will be aware, surely, angels aren't heaven sent.

You won all battles

All my strength invested, holding me back. I wish I could leap across the hallway, slap that oblivious look off your face. I see neither hurt nor guilt in your eyes, but I clearly see the pride in your smile.

Reading Week #1

Since I came up with this new schedule only a couple of days ago I was not able to read as much as I had hoped but still I was able to finish two very short but amazing reads namely 'The Call of Cthulu by H.P. Lovecraft' and 'Guns by Stephen King' I also read 'The Art of Game design : A Book of lenses by Jesse Schell' but that book is more of a bible, in that it is referred to almost every time I design a new game.

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