Berlin – Week 6 & 7

4, Nov 2018 It’s Sunday It has only been over a month but I somehow feel like I have known these people for a long time, and this place for a lifetime. I reconnected this week with Parham, one of the first people I talked to in university, and for some reason did not interact... Continue Reading →


Berlin – Week 5

21, Oct 2018 It’s Sunday Unlike the week before, a lot happened this week. Interesting dynamics among friends were observed and shocking new information was revealed. For the sake of their privacy I will not write about this in this blog as it would then be public information and as such not be fair to... Continue Reading →


The sweet taste of summer, that certain sweet tang, that holy smell starts rolling down the mountain hand in hand with the timely morning mist. Teach me a way to resist this memory. Her sorrowed eyes, those soft teeth, the way her heart sings every time the bell rings and then the scramble to appease.... Continue Reading →

Berlin – Week 4

14, Oct 2018 It’s Sunday Not a lot happened this week so this will be short. It’s been a month. That means I now have 41 months left to go before I graduate. This feels weird. I feel like I just got off the plane yesterday but in many ways I also feel like I... Continue Reading →

Berlin – Week 3

7, Oct 2018 It’s Sunday Another week flew by and just like before a lot has happened. Back home I could not tell you what day it was. I was caught up in an infinite loop of doing the same thing over and over again, my own personal Groundhog Day nightmare. But I was in... Continue Reading →

Berlin – Week 2

30, Sept 2018 It’s Sunday Another week in Berlin has gone by. Things have changed considerably. I no longer spend all my time cooped up in my room. When I came here there was hardly any one living here but since then every day people are moving in and now it seems full even a... Continue Reading →

Berlin – Week 1

22, Sept 2018 It’s Sunday, I have now lived an entire week of my life in Berlin. That is the most amount of time I have ever been outside the familiarity and security of my home and my home country. The moment I walked out of Tegel airport I knew things had changed forever. Actually,... Continue Reading →

Digital Art -Three-

I just stumbled upon this amazing software on the Mac store called 'Tayasui Sketches'. And I have been creating these pen sketches non stop. Anyways,  I thought I would share them with you. The thing I love about these is that they aren't referenced from anywhere. I just start sketching at one corner of the screen... Continue Reading →

Digital Art -Two-

  These are a collection of paintings I did when I first got 'ArtRage', which a digital painting tool that mimics real life brushes and canvases as realistically as possible and does a really great job of doing that. I know these aren't the best.  And there's definitely no theme or thought here either. I... Continue Reading →

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